Monday, September 26, 2016

Auspicious Time

Since Chazal teach us that on Rosh Hashana Sara and Chana merited children, it follows that Rosh Hashana is the right time to ask for children. So if anyone knows of names of people who are having trouble conceiving, please send them to me and I will Bez"H daven on Rosh Hashana [hopefully at the Kotel]. If you would like me to publicize the name [and mother's name without a last name of course] on the blog so that many other people will daven as well - please note that. []

If anyone wants me to daven for anything else - please send in names. You know, it's not Uman - but the Kotel is holy too...

A sweet new year to all of my SWEETEST friends! Image result for smiley faceImage result for honey pictures