Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Serving Hashem Under All Circumstances

There were once two Chasidic prisoners who were wrongfully jailed in a Polish prison. There were many other non-Jewish inmates together with them. The problem was that there was no bathroom and everybody went in a pot in the corner of the cell. One of the Chasidic men started to cry. His friend asked him why he is crying. He said that I never missed a day of davening in my life but now I can't daven here because it is not a clean place.

His friend consoled him and said that just like you serve Hashem by davening, now you will serve Him by NOT davening. The Yid was very inspired by this reply and became so uplifted he started to dance together with his friend. 

The non-Jews saw this and asked why they were so happy. They explained that it is because of the pot in the corner. Until now they served G-d by praying - now they serve Him by not praying. The inmates were inspired and joined the dancing.

The prison warden walked by and was infuriated when he saw everybody so happy. He said "What are you all so happy about?" The inmates answered that they are dancing because of the pot in the corner of the cell....

The warden said "Yeah?" and he took the pot out of the cell and heaved it away. 

So the Yid turns to his formally despondent friend and says "Now you can daven....!"