Thursday, September 29, 2016

Is Hillary A Man ?

I don't write about politics because that I know little about it. I have opinions like everyone else but they are based more on what I imagine and speculate than what I understand. Sad that people like me decide who will be the President of the United States....

A thought about Hillary. She is apparently no great lover of Torah and Am Yisrael [or of Bill for that matter:-)]. But I feel badly for her. She is a woman. Politics is a man's world. Most Presidents, Prime Ministers, Senators, Congressmen, Governers, Mayors etc. etc. are men. It is a tough dog-eat-dog world where you have to be a tiger [or dog] in order to hold your own. You are criticized no matter what you do and the criticism is seen, heard and read by hundreds of millions of people.

Woman by nature are more sensitive than men [as Chazal make clear as does the metzius that any married man will attest to] which means that a woman in the public eye like Hillary suffers more than men in her position. She also must repress her softer more feminine qualities in order to display a front of power and fearlessness. She must be a man among men. I strongly suspect that it takes a toll on her because she is really not a man. 

What has this to do with us?

Men should cultivate their male qualities and women should cultivate their female qualities [despite the post modern attempt to blur the lines between gender differences]. We should also be busy trying to cultivate our personal strengths and bolstering our personal weaknesses. Life very often doesn't allow us to be our TRUE SELVES and that is the tragedy. 

Are we always really ourselves or are we just acting because we perceive that society has certain expectations of us?

Food for thought and time compels me to stop here....