Monday, September 26, 2016

How Do We Know What Hashem "Feels"?

לרפואת ר' נח בן חי' ליבא

We all have a sense of moral indignation when we see injustice. This should give us a sense of how Hashem "feels" when he sees us acting immorally. We are often resentful when we are kind to others and they in turn ignore us and our generosity and fail to express any gratitude. Hashem is ALSO not "happy" when he bestows countless gifts upon us and we don't appreciate him. That is the meaning of the pasuk מבשרי אחזה אלו-ה - From my flesh I will see Hashem. From our feelings we can project to Hashem [כביכול]. 

It is interesting that people should have a natural moral compass. Where does it stem from? Clearly - the G-dly soul with which we are endowed. 

See what the Sfas Emes says: