Thursday, March 9, 2017

Baruch Dayan Emes

My dryer.

Dear dryer,

You served my family so well for so many years. When we could have worn clothing that was sopped - you allowed us to wear nice dry clothing. 

You shrank our clothing giving us the false sense that we were growing and what is life about if not growth.

You made noise, breaking those awkward silences. 

You were faithfully there WHENEVER we needed you, never moving an inch. 

You never complained, even when you were getting old and sick and even when we did multiple loads a day. Your job wasn't easy. I once tried blowing hot air for 50 minutes straight but ran outta gas after a minute and a half [try it!!]. 

Then one day - you just stopped working. Just like that.

So sudden. 

But - no offense - you are replaceable. It's just money. I can even get a better, newer, model. One that will last longer than you. Don't take it personally - you fulfilled your tafkid according to your kochos. 

In the name of my family and the chevre kadisha, I want to ask you mechila if we didn't accord you the proper respect. If we ever put too much clothing inside of you. For all of the times we used you not only as a dryer but to store stuff on top of you. 

סע בשלום ותנוח בשלום על משכבך עד קץ הימין ותחיית המתים. 
ובלע המוות לנצח ומחה השם אלקים דמעה מעל כל פנים.

Yisgadal vi-yiskadesh......