Sunday, March 26, 2017

Some Guidance From The Yetzer Hara For Pesach Preparations

By The Yetzer Hara

1] Be really nervous and anxious. Remember - there are thousands of halachos to be concerned about and you are bound to break some of them. 

2] Scream at your kids. They need to know the gravity and seriousness of Pesach. 

3] Don't just clean for chometz. Clean for all dirt. Who knows - maybe this speck of dirt was once chametz!!

4] Don't help your wife. This is HER mitzva. Tell her that! Don't get cleaning help. How can we let a Spanish goya have the zchus of this mitzva.

5] On Erev Pesach make sure your children starve. This way they will enjoy the food at the seder more. 

6] Get as little as sleep as possible. This way you will have harried nerves and לפום צערא אגרא. More reward for you!!

7] Keep reminding yourself that Hashem took us out of Egypt so that we can suffer from acute anxiety and tension for a month a year preparing for Pesach. 

8] If your neighbors are going away for Pesach to a fancy hotel then you must follow suit - even if you can't afford it. What will they think of you if you stay home??!

9] Whenever there are various halachic opinions always follow the most stringent one - even if it will drive you, your spouse or your children crazy. Hashem wants you to go crazy.

10] If someone brings chometz into a room you already cleaned then call the police, hatzala and the fire department.