Sunday, March 12, 2017

Looking For A Purim Miracle!!!

Me, My sons Shmuli and Simcha [Avi not in photo - ושבו בנים לגבולם!!]

Chana Leiba, My Yechi Kippa, Adina Bas Sheva
My Hasidic Headwear

A person who is VERYYYYYY close to me, so close that AS WE SPEAK he is wearing my pants and shoes, is looking to put out a kuntres on the Shev Shmatsa that he has already written but needs a sponsor. In the past "he" has asked for sponsors but his calls have gone unheeeded. He thinks that it is because he wasn't clear. "Sponsor" means MONEY. To publish Torah one needs money. 


I have been holding onto most of my writings for years. It is time to GO PUBLIC. Spread the wealth [of Torah] with the help of your wealth. 

This is the time. 

Before I die!!!

After I die - who will do it? Then I will be lying in my grave. Alone. Dark. Damp. No email access. Sense of humor buried with me. Tachrichin without pockets. Hearse not attached to a U-haul truck. "A geshtorberner". Have MERCY on my soul. 

Help me publish my ksavim. For what do I live? The Knicks - REFUSED to draft me. Something about being white, slow, not able to jump high, weak and skinny. Ahh - those anti-semites. The US Army - REFUSED to accept me because I insisted on learning a full morning and night seder. Barnard? Rejected on basis of my gender. Is it MY fault. Is it ME who put in the Y chromosome? I don't even know how to make chromosomes!!! 

Help me publish my writings. Send money. Help me restart a kollel. Spread Torah BIG-TIME. 

Now, before it's too late.....

Tax deductible. 972 2 587 0080.

WITH LOVE AND [if you're a guy] KISSES!!!

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