Wednesday, March 29, 2017

"That is The Stupidest Svara I Ever Heard - Where Other People Have Brains You Have Chopped Liver With A Smattering Of Lokshen Kugel"

Regarding this post. 

Women are sensitive beings. Very sensitive. The Beis Medrash is not a place for the very sensitive. It is a place of WAR. A battlefield. מלחמתה של תורה. No holds barred. Screaming, shouting and even insulting to prove a point [see the hasagos of the Raavad on the Rambam for example]. There is no room for feelings and it is rather a place of cold, rational logic.   

If one relates to a woman in a "Beis Medrash mode" of relating it is about the worst aveirah in the Torah. 

Always speak sweetly and softly to your wife, mother and daughters.