Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Co-ed Mir?

I saw a video of three woman discussing women's issues - all claiming to be Orthodox but only one [whom I know personally and have an affinity for on a personal level - very nice lady] who actually has respect for halacha and Chazal. But they all agreed that that would like to see Ponovitch and Mir become co-ed. You know - the equality thing. They just disagreed as to whether it will ever happen. One of them said that it is just a matter of time. Sure. And one day the Chief Rabbi will be female and her husband will be a ballerina.  

They all agreed that "Partnership Minyanim" are a good development. The religious one among the three even said that they are also halachic - ignoring the fact that just about all poskim forbid it [or would forbid it if asked]. How can something be "halachic" if those who rule halacha say that it is forbidden??   

I just wish these people would come out and give their religion a new name. If you take basketball and say that you don't have to dribble and you can score points without getting the ball in the basket - don't call it basketball. It is a different game. 

These people want to change all the rules they don't like - and still call it Torah. There are not enough words to express how pernicious and insidious this movement is. And people with heavy money who are genuinely concerned with the future of the Jewish people support these people's projects.

How unfortunate.