Sunday, March 12, 2017

Ya Win Some - You Lose .... Most

Well, my appeal fell upon deaf ears - or deaf computers. Due to the underwhelming response, I will not be able to publish [in the meantime]. 


But this brings out a wonderful take home lesson for all of us. Just because you have a dream or passion - that doesn't mean that anyone else shares your dream or passion.

And that's fine too. 

We are here to serve Hashem and if He wants something to happen - it will. If He doesn't - then it won't. 

I am not disappointed and I am not surprised. 

I will continue to love the Shev Shmatsa, BS"D will contine writing and pray to Hashem that I can publish this sefer and may others in the future. I trust I will eventually find people who have an appreciation of the material. 

Now that I am suspending the publication - I wish I could suspend my death - but that TOO is not in my hands. I can only daven that Hashem ברב רחמיו וחסדיו gives me life.