Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Today [Rosh Chodesh Nissan] was my great grandmother's yartzeit. She was the only grandparent I was zoche to know. Please do a mitzva or say a perek tehilllim or learn a mishna in her memory. Esther Bas Shmuel. She was so special and I miss her dearly. 

A shiur was given that was dedicated to her. If you understand Hebrew and are interested in ... Hashem - you are invited to listen here.

It really gets into the trenches of  our belief in Hashem. TEEEEEEFFFFFF ["deep" in Latin].

Baruch Hashem that we are able to learn such Torah and have the zchus to try to understand as much as we can the nature of our belief in Hashem and the ramifications for derech ha-avoda. 

[For the last few months all of the shiurim have been in Hebrew and I have received only one comment/complaint (from a dedicated Rebbetzin) which means that people either don't mind [because they know Hebrew] or don't care because they are doing other things with their time that listening to my shiurim which is GREAT. Better listen and learn from TRUE tzadikim and talmidei chachomim... And better go to shiurim in person than listen on line. The Torah is best transmitted through live interaction.]