Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Moskowitz Marries O'Neal

I recently saw an announcement in an American newspaper that a person with a really Jewish name was getting married to a woman with a really Gentile name. There was a Jewish woman under the chuppah but she was the "rabbi" conducting the ceremony. [Making a living off helping eradicate the Jewish people...]

Then I saw an article about a Yid, successful lawyer and Harvard graduate, whose grandfather, a Polish Rav, was killed by the Nazis. He is married to a non-Jewish women descended from Cham [with three non-Jewish children. I guess given their lineage they both own the basketball team and play center]....

So I wondered  - how often does this happen?? I live in a bubble where everyone I know marries not only Jewish but religious. What is going on in the rest of society? So I did a search and found that the the answer is - ALMOST 60 PERCENT!!!

That means that if a Jew gets married in the US - odds are that the spouse will be non-Jewish. 

Something tells me that not enough is being done. I write this as a cry from my heart that we should do more and maybe people [including myself] will take it to heart.  

Rav Noach Weinberg ztz"l used to say that if one could have stopped the Holocaust and didn't then he would be very guilty. Well - there is a SPIRITUAL holocaust going on and what are we doing about it??