Thursday, July 26, 2018

Amuka And [Li-havdil] The Yanks

For the record - I am NOT against segulos. Who am I, anyway [well my passport is quite clear that I am "Allan Charles Ehrman" but you get my point]?!

But I do prefer that if one does a segula it should have a source in the words of a Tzadik or Tzadikim. Years back, Rabbi Meir Vunder, a Charedi historian [he lives in Mattersdorf] did some research and revealed in an article that the segula to daven at the grave of Yonason Ben Uziel for a shidduch started [hold on tight] ....... in 1953!

My theory is that since Jews have such emunah pshuta in the segulah and they are davening at the grave of a great Tzadik - in that zchus Hashem will answer their tefillos, despite the fact that there is no source for the segula.  If anyone has other other information I would be happy to hear about it.

For the record - that year the Yankees beat the Brooklyn Dodgers [I heard they have since moved???!] in the World Series. Yay New York!!:-)

A FREILICHIN TU B'AV and a speeeedy gonzalez zivug to whomever needs one!!!!!!