Thursday, July 28, 2016

A Hole In The Ear At Bamos Time

לרפואת מרת הענא מרים בת חנה

The gemara darshens [Kiddushin 22] the pasuk ושב אל משפחתו that an עבד עברי who is a kohen may not become an עבד נרצע because it would make him a בעל מום and he wouldn't be able to return to his family [of kohanim] who can perform the avoda. 

The Makor Baruch [by Rav Nachum Baruch Ginzburg] asks that according to this logic, a Yisrael at the time of heter bamos should ALSO not be allowed to become an עבד נרצע because non-kohanim were allowed to do the avodah at bamos and this מום would disqualify him. Just like a kohen can't become a בעל מום, so too a Yisrael during heter bamos?

Here is a picture of the Makor Baruch to help you think about this. He gave an answer but there is apparently a better one.

Nahum Boruch Ginsburg.jpg

Why is this not true and a Yisrael MAY become an עבד נרצע at all times?

There is a simple logical answer to this question.....