Wednesday, July 13, 2016


לזכות רבקה אסתר בת אליהו פרץ לברכה והצלחה בכל מעשי ידיה

Our entire lives based on our "values". How much value do we ascribe to things. How much value does money have for us? Entertainment? Vacations? Eating at a restaurant? Clothing? Relationships? We all have a usually sub-conscious hierarchy of values and make decisions based on this system. So if I live in the US what do I do on Sundays? That will depend on how much value I ascribe to my family, learning, the Yankees, etc. etc. and based on that I will decide. Some will go on a family trip because that is of great value. Others will learn because they feel that more important at this time. Other will sit on the couch motionless because inertia is a great value for them.... [It is also important to distinguish between what is more IMPORTANT and what is more URGENT. Going to the bathroom is less important than most things in life but certainly more urgent]. 

We also give value to people. Who are our heroes? Tzadikim or people who get paid big money to pretend to be someone they are not ["actors"]. Athletes or great philanthropists and Baalei Chesed. Many great gedolim and/or Tzadikim do not get the recognition and respect they deserve while others of much smaller stature receive much more than they deserve. Rav Hutner once wrote to a talmid that if one honors a Tzadik who is a lesser Talmid Chochom more than a regular G-d fearing non-exceptional in Tzidkus but greater Talmid Chochom [i.e. Chasidishe Rebbe vs. Rosh Yeshiva - in a case where the Rebbe isn't such a great Talmid Chochom. The Avnei Nezer was a Rebbe but a Gaon Olam. One example of many....] he transgresses the prohibition of disgracing a Talmid Chochom!! We have to know how much honor every person deserves. We must give them value. EVERYBODY deserves honor but the question is how much. 

It is worthwhile to examine our value system and see if it is consistent and logical. The bottom line to remember the words of our tefillah: אין ערוך לך השם אלקינו בעולם הזה - There is no value like Hashem in this world. Everything must be measured as to whether it brings us closer to Hashem or further away.