Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Mikva, Coed Programs And Smartphones

I am listening to a shiur and the Maggid Shiur mentioned that a major modern orthodox rabbi was asked about going to mikva on Shabbos [there is a halachic problem with bathing so the poskim discuss at great length whether mikva is permitted on Shabbos, Bottom line: Poskim permit and so is minhag yisrael]. He answered that he doesn't understand the question. You go to mikva on Erev Yom Kippur but not otherwise. Why would one go to mikva on Shabbos???

The answer is lost on many [but I will "make it found":-)]. Going to mikva has nothing to do with being "Chasidic". We [men] go to mikva because a mikva purifies [women go because it is an obligation from the Torah]. A mikva has the power to turn a goy into a Jew, an impure Jew into a pure Jew, and also has the power to make a pure Jew much more pure.

People don't understand what is wrong with coed programs. Hey - no negiyah so what is the problem?

The answer is the same: Being with members of the opposite gender contaminates a person. It brings to the surface the feelings and desires of his nefesh habehemis [besides being forbidden - see Even Ha-ezer 21]. Staying separate purifies and sanctifies - קדושים תהיו means according to Rashi to remain emotionally and physically distant from members of the oppposite gender [outside of one's spouse of course]. 

Many of the modern contraptions people have also bring them to places that eliminate the purity of their souls. Just because the world has lost its sense of morality [if it ever had one] doesn't mean that we should.  

Our task in this world is to preserve and enhance our innate kedusha and tahara as much as we can. Mikva, separate schools and camps and vigilance regarding our involvement in modern technology all contribute to that lofty goal.