Friday, July 22, 2016

G-d Bless America

I have arrived on the shores of Ellis Island [so to speak...].

If anyone wants to contact me or meet with me or have a shiur etc. etc. my number until Motzei Shabbos is 212 799 1124 and email [the whole time] 

This morning I will be in the Teaneck kollel. 

After Shabbos I will be moving uptown to Washington Heights for the next [almost] 4 weeks, G-d willing.  

Hopefully, I will be successful in garnering the funds for the mitzva I came for [hachnossos kallah - tax deductible is also possible - Gemach Zichron Moshe 30 The Circle Passaic New Jersey] and of course in spreading Torah. Otherwise, I have no heter to be here....:-)

I was asked to offer the prayer invocation at the Republican National Convention but refused mainly because I don't know what the word "invocation" means. Also, I don't want to upset all of those rich Ramaz people who are potential supporters for my future Kollel. They are all proud Jews whose great dream and aspiration is to use their wealth in support of full time Torah study for men!!

I believe it was a wise move on my part. As for Donald - to make him feel better I wear ties that have his name on them. Thank G-d it is just his ties I wear and not his hair-do. 

Really nice ties....