Sunday, July 17, 2016

A Waste

Netanyahu recently took a four day trip to Africa [including to Uganda on the 40th anniversary of the Entebee raid and killing of his brother Yoni] that cost a reported 28 million shekel. 

I have a friend who has the most distressing family situation of anyone I know, without going into details. It is actually beyond distressing. He also is not physically well. He also told me that he hasn't paid his rent in three months and has no idea how he is going to pay it in the future [he is unemployed but looking]. 

I would be so much happier if our "leader" would wake up in the morning and say "how can I help our country's poor people" which would prevent him from dropping 28 mil. on a unnecessary trip to Africa. In memory of his brother Yoni he could have invested the 28 million and provided for families for many years to come. 

Too bad.