Friday, July 15, 2016

Simchas By EVERYONE!

Some pictures from my daughters wedding. Including one with me dancing with the Biala Rebbe Shlita with a shtreimel [that is my son in law smiling next to me], dancing with the chosson, wearing a na-nach kippah and wearing a yechi melech hamoshiach kippah [I was undergoing many hashkafic changes during the wedding and couldn't decide who I was!].
Since this is a charedi blog I am not posting pictures of the kallah . Women can make a special order and I will send.... Needless to say, she was radiant and holy. 

Im Yirtzeh Hashem I will be coming to New York next week in order to SPREAD TORAH and ALSO help fund a mitzva I have been involved in and am working towards the goal of finishing off so that I can focus on other mitzvos....

Bi-ahava rabba and smachos by all of us always