Thursday, July 14, 2016

Why Aren't We More Aware?

If you ever want chizzuk in Emunah then put a child less than 2 years old in front of a keyboard and have him type. It will be gibberish within the first few letters every time. The odds of him writing a 30,000 page book of brilliant logical constructions is FAR MORE LIKELY STATISTICALLY than this world being an accident. If there is a design - there is a designer. To believe that one just has to think striaght and logically. To deny that is to be blind to reality. 

The next step is to be conscious EVERY SECOND that this "Designer" is watching us, caring for us and giving us life every second. 

If it is so obvious how come people DON'T think about this all the time?

The pasuk says:

השמים מספרים כבוד אל ומעשי ידיו מגיד הרקיע.

Look into outer space and you will see the fingerprints of Hashem. So why don't we?

 יום ליום יביע אומר ולילה ללילה יחווה דעת.

Because it happens ALL DAY and ALL NIGHT and we are just used to it. [I think the Baal Ha-akedah says this idea].

We have to break out of this state of being "used to it" and appreciate Him anew every second possible.