Sunday, July 10, 2016


I claim that many people never mastered the art [yes, it is an art] of listening. 

Great myseh. 

I walked into the Sefardi shul before davening this Shabbos and a fellow I have never met before asked me if I am going to be davening with them. I answered that I am American and can't read Hebrew so I can't daven [was trying to have a little fun...]. 

What I said COMPLETELY didn't register. It was clear to me. He was waiting for a yes or no and didn't get it so what I said was too complicated. So he said to me "Oh, so you are davening at Dzikov" [another shul in town].

Or maybe he heard me and thought that Dzikov has a beginners service for people who can't read Hebrew. 

Let us try to really listen when others talk. That means that your machines should be off and your mind completely focused on what the other person is saying.