Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Beyond Us

What I wrote in the previous post can also be applied to Hashem Yisborach. People have an image of who Hashem is and based on that ask questions on the way He runs the world. 

But Hashem isn't like my or your zeyde, or anyone else we know. He is not like ANYTHING we can comprehend. So if you see something in the world and you don't understand it is worthwhile remembering that Moshe Rabbeinu asked to understand the ways of Hashem [see Brachos 7]. Even the greatest prophet in history didn't "get it".  

Why are so and so having fertility problems? Why is so and so 38 and still single? Why do good people die young and terrible people live into their 90's? Etc. etc. Why is Hashem doing this??

All of these questions are good ones. The problem is that in order to answer them we would need to enter the "mind" of the Creator. That is many many many many stratospheres beyond the ken of our understanding...

So let us be humble, try as much as we can to understand OUR obligation in this world - and let Hashem run it His way without superimposing our understanding of how things SHOULD be. 

Ahhhhh - תמים תהיה עם השם אלקיך!!!