Monday, September 12, 2016

Polygamy - A New Latin Word

Rav Yochanan [Kiddushin 60a] says that in theory, a woman can be married to a hundred men [if she is, the amount of relationship issues she has will be of such dimensions that she will probably lose her mind - so I don't suggest it]. That in itself is a shocker which requires understanding. [The whole essence of Kiddushin is that you are special to ME, as per Tosfos 2b]. 

In addition, how does that "shtim" [Latin for "delicious sushi"] with Rava on Daf Zayin who says that איתתא לבי תרי לא חזיא - a woman can't be married to more than one man [as opposed to a man who can be married to more than one woman]. Therefore, explains the gemara, חצייך מקודשת לי can't work because he can't marry half and he can't mean that she is free to marry others.

Would Rav Yochanan hold that חצייך מקודשת לי works because he means that she is free to marry others?

Will Mormons appreciate this and convert to Judaism so that they will be permitted to drink tea and coffee??

We recently had a shiur in this and hope to have more.