Thursday, September 15, 2016

The Difference Between Our Kabbolas Malchus And Theirs/ Two Levels Of Mitzvas Talmud Torah

לזכות אילנה סימון בת מרים לברכה והצלחה וה' ימלא כל משאלות לבה לטובה

1] Every day when we say Shema we accept upon ourselves Malchus Shomayim. The Goyim who keep the sheva mitzvos ALSO have to keep them because Hashem commanded. So how is our Kabbolas Malchus different than theirs?

2] The Rambam paskens in the third perek of Talmud Torah 

מי שנשאו לבו לקיים מצוה זו כראוי להיות מוכתר בכתר תורה, לא יסיח דעתו לדברים אחרים.

Someone whose heart is raised to fulfill this mitzva properly to be crowned with the crown of Torah will not think about anything else. 

Interesting! The Rambam says that one is fulfilling the mitzva PROPERLY if he doesn't think about anything else. This means that it is not a HIDDUR MITZVA or anything of the sort but a fulfillment of the primary, basic mitzva. Where do we find anywhere else that there is a concept of נשאו לבו - raising one's heart, in order to fulfill the primary mitzva?? We don't! Only with respect to Talmud Torah we find such a concept. Why is that??