Thursday, September 15, 2016

What Dice Taught Me About Our Existence

This may or may not have happened....

One day I am walking down the street in Manhattan. All of the sudden a man sitting at a table, descended from Cham, calls out "Yo Bruthu". 

I am not sure I am interested in such a familial bond. I wouldn't want a brother with a tattoo of a machine gun on his neck. I answer "Yes". He says "Ya wanna make some easy money". I am suspicious....

"I will roll these dice. You get 5 dollars NO MATTER WHAT. Unless I roll double sixes. Then you give me ten bucks. Deal?"

I am not MIT mathematician but it really seems like the odds are in my favor and I really need the money. So I say "Deal". 

He rolls ..... double sixes. 

BUMMER!! OK, gam zu li-tova. 

I hand over a ten. He sees my disappointment and says "Sorry dude. It's not fair if I don't give you another chance. Let's raise de stakes. You get 20 bucks no matter what. Unless I roll double sixes. Then I get 40 bucks."

C'mon - twice in row double sixes?? What are the odds??! Plus I want to get my lost money back with a bonus for my trouble, so I say "Deal". 

He rolls ..... double sixes. 

OUCH. 40 dollars change hands from the hand of one who belongs to the group who usually owns the sports teams to one from the group who usually plays on them.

I start walking away. I am beginning to smell something fishy over here. He says "Yo come back buddy [of course I am his buddy - he just made 50 dollars off me]. I'll give you a chance to make your money back with some extra money and you can buy one dem Jewish tings you guys like to use [not sure what he is referring to. And how does he know I am Jewish???]. You get 500 bucks NO MATTER WHAT. Unless I roll double sixes. Then you give me a thousand bucks. Just so you trust me that everyting here is legit - you roll 'em."  

500 easy dollars. Sounds great!! What are the odds of rolling double sixes THREE CONSECUTIVE TIMES? On the other hand, some internal voice is telling me NOT TO DO IT. Something is up here. 

But I REALLY can use 500 dollars and I am going to be rolling, not him, so no shtick. I promise myself that if I lose I am not playing again. 

I hesitatingly take the dice and roll ..... DOUBLE SIXES!!


I give him the money, curse him in my mind [I thought that sharing my thoughts with him wouldn't be wise....] and walk away. FAST. It should be a kappara. 

I turn the corner and proceed to watch him do this to innocent people time after time. He rolled [I counted] 19 consecutive double sixes. WHAT ARE THE ODDS???

There is only ONE rational explanation - THE DICE WERE LOADED. The ONLY outcome could have been double sixes. It was all prearranged. That is FAR MORE RATIONAL than saying it was random coincidence. 

No intelligent thinking human being would claim that it was random coincidence. LUCK. 

Can't be. 

Yet countless people live their lives based on the belief that something INFINITELY LESS LIKELY than rolling thousands of double sixes with unloaded dice happened randomly. I refer to the creation of the world.   

It is very worthwhile reading this post

G.K Chesterson said it best: "When people stop believing in G-d, then don't believe in nothing. They believe in everything." Every nonsensical "theory". They explain EVERYTHING as an accident. Isn't it soooooo much more plausible that DNA which is so complex that despite all of the discoveries scientists have made they still haven't fully grasped its complexity, was created and not an accident??! 

I recently saw an interview with a Jew who was raised frum but is no longer and now makes a lot of money doing silly things [that is why he was interviewed]. He was asked how he thinks the world came into existence. I believe that there were millions and millions of random coincidences, he replied. He was then asked what he thinks the meaning of existence is. He answered that the meaning of life is to make a difference in people's lives etc. etc. blah blah blah. He didn't comprehend that he was making zero sense. If life is just a random accident then it has NO MEANING. 

The explanation is simple - if there is a G-d then he can't do whatever he wants, so he decided that it is all an accident [with NO proof]. But he also wants to believe that life has meaning, so he made some meaning up. He added, with his great "wisdom", that he believes that before us there was a planet where people lived just as we do on earth. [Mormons believe that G-d lives near some planet called Kolob. Must be lonely up there since the planet Kolob doesn't exist].  

So all we can do is constantly strengthen our belief that there is a Creator who is watching us every second and that every one of our thoughts and actions has eternal significance.