Monday, March 6, 2017

When The Satmar Rebbe Was Swindled

The Satmar Rebbe was renowned as a magnanimous baal tzedakah, and all of the money that passed through his hands was distributed to the poor on the same day. Once, a pauper came to him and poured out his tale of woe, begging for the Rebbe’s assistance. He cried to the Rebbe that he had lost his Wife, and was left alone to care for his orphaned children. In addition, his leg had been amputated.

The Rebbe gave him a handsome contribution, as he did to everyone who came to him for charity. Several minutes later, the Rebbe’s gabbai entered his chamber, very distraught. “What happened?” the Rebbe asked.

“The pauper who was just here — the one who said that his leg was amputated — is not missing a leg. I saw him leave from here and walk on two feet like a regular person,” the gabbai said indignantly.

When the Rebbe heard this, he rose from his seat, visibly agitated, the gabbai was sure that the Rebbe would tell him to run after the pauper and ask him to return the money he had received from the Rebbe. He was surprised, however, when he heard the Rebbe let out a sigh of relief and say, “What joy your words have brought me‘.

Thank Heaven, the pauper was not lame!”

Several minutes later, the gabbai came into the Rebbe’s chamber once again, this time to inform the Rebbe that the pauper was in fact not a widower raising orphan children on his own. “I saw his wife outside.” 

Again the Rebbe expressed his great relief and joy that the man had not been widowed after all. 

A Jewish leader desires only good for Hashem’s children.