Thursday, July 12, 2018


Since I was a little boy I always walked around with a watch. I was REALLY connected to my watch. It was like - wrapped around me. For my Bar Mitzva I happily received SEVEN of them [two of the fanciest lasted me into my 20's]. I really liked watches - especially nice ones. But after my last fancy one from my Bar Mitzva broke, I would buy simple inexpensive ones. Whenever I was watchless, I felt like a critical part of me was missing.

About a year or two ago my watch broke or I lost it - I don't remember. Buying a new one - I figured out - cost money. My policy always is - if I have the option of spending or not spending - go for the latter [some would call me cheap. I prefer "frugal"]. So I kept pushing off buying a new one. UNTIL - until I have reached a point where I am not interested in wearing a watch. Really. I am cured. I don't need a watch. THANK YOU HASHEM!!!

I hear you saying "big deal, the time is on your phone". Maybe - but I almost never carry a phone!!:-). I am a child of the 70's when phones didn't go in pockets but on tables.

So what happened? Very simple. Someone thinks he can't live without something until he lives without it and does JUST FINE. I never thought I'd live without a TV but since the day I left home at 15 I have been doing just that. There are LOTS of things like that in life.

The less needy and dependent we are - the higher the likelihood that we will be happy.

Thank you for listening.

By the way - what time is it???