Sunday, July 8, 2018

The Silent Extermination Of Our People

Thinking about Pinchas - הבועל ארמית קנאים פוגעים בו!!!!

SERIOUS STUFF!! But what is the BIG DEAL? It's consensual so let them be. We can't be fanatic-extremists!!

That attitude reflects a loss of sensitivity to the severity of the act. That is why we can read the New York Times EVERY SUNDAY and not be particularly bothered when we learn that someone with a name like "Jared Bronstein" son of Dr. Hymie Bronstein, head of the Hematology department in Beth Israel Hospital and Rebbeca Bronstein, a clinical psychologist, married someone with a name like "Christina Waspinger", daughter of Professor of Physics at Yale University, Matthew Waspinger and his wife Dorothy, an accomplished author of children's books with such titles as "My Mommy Thinks She Is A Cow". The wedding was conducted by Rabbi Lisa Fine and Father John Supergoy at the Westchester Country Club. The groom, 33 years old, works for Goldman Sachs. The bride, 30 years old, works for the law firm of McHenry, McLoughin and Big Mac. She will go by the name Christina Waspinger-Bronstein. 

Then there will be a picture of the two of them flashing big smiles. After reading this we go on with our day. Why? Because we are used to it. Old News. 70 percent of Jews marry out. 

This is NOT a call to zealousness as carried out by Pinchas. It IS a call to care and think of ways how we can, in our own small way, stave off this horrific epidemic of intermarriage and assimilation that plagues our people. "Jared's" great grandfather likely was an old, pious yid from Poland and his children will be lost forever to the Jewish people.