Sunday, July 3, 2016


The best middah is humility. This is what helps me:

I presently have a nice sum of money in my bank account - the only problem is that I owe every last penny and much more.

Money gives a feeling of power and lacking it engenders the opposite. Humbling. 

[Although I am an עשיר because I have עיניים שיניים ידים and רגלים]. 

Then I saw a mazel tov sign up in shul and it said [in Hebrew] "Mazel tov to הרה"ג מוה"ר ר' אלחנן אהרמן שליט"א on the marriage of his daughter". I am not good with Roshei Teivos but I assumed it meant הרי הוא גולם מורנו הרשע. I am not denying that I am not much smarter than a golem and that I have to do teshuva for my countless flaws and falls but RIBBONO SHEL OLAM why do they have to publicize it???