Saturday, September 10, 2016

Important Halacha For Preservation Of Kedushas Yisrael

We often talk about the importance of preserving kedusha. For example, a minimal [or complete avoidance of] exposure to Internet, television, movies, places where women walk bi-pritzus, consistent mikva attendance, tefillos not to stumble, vidui and teshuva after stumbling [who doesn't], learning matters relating to kedushas habris [Rebbe Tzadok Hakohen has very important material in Tzidkas Hatzadik but many sefarim are filled with chizzuk and insight] including halachos, davening in shuls [like one's with real mechitzas and not the see through types.... Plexi glass is great for a hockey rink but not for helping keep one's mind on tefilla] and being members of communities where these matters are important, reading Mevakesh [] etc. etc. etc. The Rambam's eitza is fundamental but hard for many people to put into practice - constant, intense immersion in divrei torah כי אין מחשבת עריות מצויה אלא בלב הפנוי מן החכמה. 

It is a zchus to give the "microphone" over to the posek ha-dor, Rav Moshe Feinstein ztz"l, who teaches a halacha that EVERY married couple must know - especially the women. It is clear that it is not only from the perspective of the wife but the husband needs it for a very similar reason ודי למבין. See Rambam [Ishus 14/8 and other sources such as the Rashba on Nedarim 15b ד"ה ואמר] that this is an obligation on the wife.  See also Yaskil Avdi [5/69] and [6/25]. Many wives refuse their husbands because they are angry about them for this or that so they punish them. See the Rambam [Ishus 14/9] for what the halacha says about that. Of course, everything must be done in a mutually positive spirit [Rambam Ishus 15/16]. What is clear is that the obligation goes both ways [even though the more primary obligation is towards the wife].  Nu sweet friends - Baruch Hashem for a Torah that wants us to be not only holy but emotionally healthy as well. 

This is just a snippet. Please see the whole thing.

וידעת כי שלום אהליך!!