Monday, December 26, 2016

A Wise Man Asks A Wise Question - 10 Consecutive Sleepless Days??

According to one opinion in the gemara [Zevachim 20] a Kohen need only wash his hands and feet [קידוש ידים ורגלים] once and it can last for EVEN TEN DAYS as long as he has no היסח הדעת in the interim. [According to the second opinion of Rebbe, he needs a new קידוש every morning].

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asked - The gemara says that one cannot go 3 days without sleeping [and if he takes an oath that he won't sleep for that long he gets מלקות] and sleeping requires a new קידוש ידים ורגלים so how can the gemara say that he can go on for even 10 days??

Any ideas??