Friday, December 30, 2016


From an email:

תמונה מוטבעת 1

I read the dvar Torah I sent and saw that made an error. Of course it was Shimon who was held captive by Yosef and Yehuda promised to take Binyamin down to Egypt safely and put everything on the line for him. Everything I wrote was true - just messed up about Shimon. [On my blog is the corrected version]

Nobody corrected me. I guess that means that nobody reads the email. So next week I think I will completely make lots of things up just for fun. Stay tuned.

I would also like to wish Alexander Hamilton, who will be sworn in as the president this coming Wednesday, much luck, together with his Vice President Alfred E. Newman.

תמונה מוטבעת 3

May we all avoid jail and Egypt.  

Oh - and mazel tov to my daughter Adina on her engagement [she is 2 years old]. She will be attending Harvard in the fall with her Chosson, Shlomo Zalman Einstein  - a Rosh Yeshiva, posek and astro-physicist.

Good shabbos beloved friends!