Thursday, December 15, 2016

The Only Successful People

לזכות ידיד נפשי רבי אפרים אבא בן מרים שושנה לברכה והצלחה בכל מעשי ידיו הוא ביתו וכל אשר לו!! 

In America, when someone says "Is he successful" it invariably means "Does he have a lot of money". [So everyone with their own hedge fund is a success and every Avreich in Yerushalayim is a failure]. But true success is when one is happy and fulfilled. 

The only people who are really happy and successful in this world are the people who are in control of their passions. [So the Avreichim in Yerushalayim are actually successes]. Those who consistently succumb might seem to flourish for a while but ultimately it catches up to the them and they pay a heavy price. The only way out is to do teshuva out of love, thus transforming all of one's sins into merits. Then the sun of success will once again shine upon him and he will break through all the bonds that are holding him back from closeness with Hashem.