Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Semicha Examination

Lzchus Rav Meyer Simcha Ben Leah

1] The Magen Avraham [607/4] says that one must stand when saying vidui and leaning so much that one would fall if the object he was leaning on were removed, it is NOT considered standing. 

The question is that one must perform Semicha [leaning] on the korban with all of his strength [Chagiga 16b] and one says vidui on the korban while leaning. So this would seem to contradict the Magen Avraham who says that leaning is not considered standing and one may not lean while saying vidui. It is clear that if the animal were taken away the leaning person would fall, so how is he considered standing?

2] The gemara in Chagiga [ibid] says that in order to make women feel good they brought the korbanos to the Ezras Nashim and the women leaned on the korban.

However the gemara in Zevachim [33a] says that Semicha may only be done on the Azara and not the Ezras Nashim? So how could the Semicha be done in the Ezras Nashim.