Monday, December 19, 2016

Things To Read To Get You High

Well - they get ME high. I assume that most people would get similarly intoxicated. And don't worry - they are 100 percent legal and safe. There is much more but I just listed 7 items. 

1] Sifrei Rav Yosef Engel.

2] Tshuvos of the Har Tzvi

3] Watching Rav Ovadiah permit agunos in his Yabia Omer. 

4] Sfas Emes. 

5] Learning a looong juicy Tosfos with no rush. Just savoring every question and answer and seeing how much is under the surface.

5] Hamiddos Li-cheker Hahalacha [I approached his descendents to produce a new annotated edition but in the meantime ... no sale!]. 

6] Meshech Chochma.

7] Kisvei HaRogochover.

Swweeettt friends - may you all find Torah that intoxicates you!