Tuesday, December 20, 2016

No Da'as About The Source For Yeiush

You learn פרק אלו מציאות  and you see time and again the concept of יאוש and everything is cool until you wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat and ask yourself "WHERE DO WE KNOW THAT THERE IS SUCH A CONCEPT CALLED יאוש?" So I despaired of finding my car, that allows you to keep it??? What is the source?

You scramble around looking for a source [your sweat is getting colder] and you find a Tosfos [כ"ז. ד"ה מה] that takes a stab at it and then quotes a Yerushalmi [why does it need an independent source if it has a Yerushalmi?]. Great!! Ahhhh - there is also a Rashi all the way out there in Bava Kamma [ס"ו] who also talks about it.

But how come the gemara [Bavli] never mentions one?? ALL OVER THE PLACE the gemara searches for sources of laws and here it is just taken as a given. The Yerushalmi found it necessary to locate a source so why does the Bavli remain silent? Especially given the fact that it is a difficult concept to digest. The gemara doesn't offer a svara either. 

Anyway - please think about it...