Monday, December 26, 2016


The first day of Chanukah was the 18th yahrtzeit of the helige Tolna Rebbe ztz"l Rebbe Yochanan Twerski. He often repeated the story of the Antinia Rebbe who would ask why we don't make שהחיינו upon dying. The time of death is a magical moment for which we prepare our whole lives and we should be rejoicing in the fact that we finally meet HKB"H. 

After lighting the Chanukah candle on the first night and making שהחיינו the Antinia Rebbe passed away.

Wonder of wonders.

More wonders.

The Rebbe ztz"l was very ill on the first night of Chanuka תשנ"ט and after he made the brachos - including שהחיינו - he refused to talk. His family members came to say goodbye and he made bodily motions but would not utter a word. It was STRANGE. That night he passed away and the family understood that he didn't want to speak after שהחיינו creating a הפסק between שהחיינו and his demise. So he too was זוכה to say שהחיינו before death like the Antinia Rebbe in the story he was fond of repeating. 

There is also a famous question, why chosson and kallah don't make she-hechiyanu on the occasion of their wedding. Those who are getting married the first night of Chanukah have an eitza. They say the bracha on the candle and can also have their holy union in mind.

May all of our lives be filled with occasions for she-hechiyanu!!