Monday, May 22, 2017

10 Shekel From Above

Tonight I was sitting in shul learning and a sweet boy approaches me and asks me for 10 shekel. Now, normally I would hesitate before giving away 10 shekel but I figured that in the end [after my unfortunate demise:-)] he is getting my money anyway - why not!! So I searched in my pocket to give my son 10 shekel which I understood he wanted in order to buy a booklet that was for sale about the dangers of the Internet. This was anyway something I want him to read. But I didn't have change for the 100 shekel bill in my pocket. I looked around for someone to give me change, went to the pushka [if you add value then you make take change from a pushka] but to no avail. My son said that it is fine and went home. 

A few minutes later - I am not making this up - a man walks up to me and hands me 10 shekel. "I owe you". "No you don't". "Yes I do". He insisted. 

So I took the ten shekel, purchased to booklet and brought it home to my surprised son. 

Hashgacha or WHAT???!!!!