Monday, May 15, 2017

A Mitzva Idea

I recently went away for 2 and a half weeks. When I returned there were two people  - both VERY busy and VERY chashuv rabbonim, who made me feel like a million bucks [if you can't have it then at least you can feel like it...]. It was like all they were waiting for in life was my return [I am aware that the reality is otherwise but that didn't alter my positive feelings.]. 

Almost nobody else noticed. I have gone away in the past for a month and more and nary a word upon my return. Now - I am NOT a quiet guy [unless I am sleeping or underwater in the mikva]. What is the explanation? I think it is that I am much lest prominent in people's lives than I would like to think...:-). I have MANY other proofs for this but maybe for another time. 

The moral lesson: Make people feel that they matter to you. It is easy to do and worth so much. You will be a rare breed and will have justified, with that act alone, your very existence on earth.