Thursday, May 25, 2017


Dearest sweeeetest friends!!!

I am taking a break from posting on the blog. I don't know for how long. Maybe a week. Maybe a month. Maybe a year. Maybe for good. I hope Hashem guides me in making the correct decision. 

There are various personal reasons for this break that I would not like to divulge. One primary reason I will share is that I want to learn more. The Torah is vast and life is short. 

I thank everyone for visiting and learning with me. I value your participation very much. May you all be blessed in infinite ways.

I ask forgiveness if I ever offended you in any way or hurt your feelings. 

If anyone wants to keep in touch my number is 972 2 587 0080. My email is I am also available if you would like me to visit your community and share Torah. 

The skype yeshiva continues [although I am more selective these days].  

It would be a zchus for me if you would click on these shiurim from time to time [until a few months ago they were all in English so if you don't understand Hebrew well then you can hark back to older shiurim].  

With much love to all,

Me 珞