Thursday, June 1, 2017

BACK!!! - "Soul Searching"

After a week's break that involved a lot of soul searching I have decided to continue with the blog, Bi-siyata Dishmaya, li-hagdil Torah ulihaadirah and to try in my own little way to promote a world of clear belief in Hashem, His Torah and the Jewish people, good character and hopefully to put a smile on people's faces from time to time.  

"Soul searching" is an interesting term. What it means is that the answers to all of our problems lie in our souls and nowhere else. Our souls are part of Hashem, kviyachol, and Hashem clearly knows all of the answers. So if we properly tap into our souls we can find solutions for even our most troubling difficulties. My life experience has been that when I ask people advice about things relating to my life, the advice has almost always been faulty and when I followed it I ended up, as they say, "up the creek". My worst decisions in life that I live with day to day were only made after asking people for advice.  The reason for this I believe is that nobody was able to tap into my neshama and they were giving counsel based on their perspective which didn't work for me. 

So my advice is - it is great to ask for an alternative opinion/s but remember that YOU are the one who will have to live with the consequences of your decisions and in your neshama you have the answers yourself. Hearing someone else's opinion will hopefully enable you to tap into what is true for you. 

I tried to tap into my neshama in order to determine what Hashem wants me to do and I feel that He wants me to continue. 

So LET'S GO!!!:-)

Bi-ahava rabba,

Me 珞