Thursday, June 22, 2017

Don't Hoard

More thoughts on this post.

I know a fellow who maintained foreign bank accounts with millions of dollars in order to evade taxes. He also committed perjury. He was caught and found guilty in court. I don't know what his punishment was but there was a real possibility that he would land in the slammer [I saw him recently so it seems he was spared that]. 

He did a number of aveiros. a] He was mechalel shem shomayim. A Jew with a yarmulke who loves to learn is caught lying, cheating and stealing. What a busha for all Torah Jews! b] He was greedy. He has PLENTY of money but wanted more than he was supposed to have according to law. c] He lied, cheated and stole [if you consider cheating on your taxes as stealing]. d] Imagine if he would have used his hidden money [not the part that he owed the government] to feed hungry people. To support hospitals. To be mekareiv Jews. So many worthy causes. And the most worthy cause he could find was hiding it in foreign bank accounts.

So to all of the wealth hoarders out there - remember, life is short and there are lots of GREAT things you can do with your money. The ONLY money you take with you to the grave and beyond is what you were ZOCHEH to give away.

Bi-ahava rabba,