Thursday, June 22, 2017

The Beis is THE PLACE

Hidabroot is a Charedi run kiruv site that recently came under attack by a major Sfardi Rov. They are now working hard to defend themselves and preserve their good reputation. This Rov, they claimed, was misinformed. No he wasn't.

They try hard to do good things but instead of defending themselves they should instead try to clean up their act [as other kiruv websites should as well]. 

For example, today they have a picture of Miss Israel [who was chozeret bi-tshuva]. I didn't see the picture because I really don't want to know what she looks like. But I saw the caption. 

So here is a good start. Stop posting pictures of beauty queens.  

That is the Internet. There is always going to be פסולת with the אוכל. So if you want Torah, I invite you to the best and purest place in the whole world - your local Beis Medrash!!:-)