Wednesday, June 21, 2017


לרפואת ר' נחמיה בן שרה בתוך שח"י 

The Piasetzner in the Derech Hamelech [p. 407] writes that if we would just be [what is called today] "mindful" and scrutinize our thoughts we would reveal that we are CRRAAZZZYYYYY!!!!!

"…כי כך דרכה של המחשבה, שמסתבכת זו בזו וקשה לו לאדם לפרוש מהן…שבאם יסתכל איש על מחשבותיו הנובעות, אף של יום אחד, אז יראה שכמעט אין חילוק בינו לבין משוגע, רק בזה שהמשוגע עושה ומביא מחשבותיו לפועל, אבל מחשבותיו לעצמו הם אצלו ממש כמו אצל משוגע. ונתן עצות ממשיות איך להשקיט מחשבותיו. ודיבר אז שיתחיל האיש להביט על מחשבותיו שעה קלה, לערך איזה רגעים, היינו- מה אני חושב. אז ירגיש לאט לאט שראשו מתרוקן, ומחשבותיו עמדו משטפן הרגיל…"

We think one thought that leads to another that leads to yet another without an end. What is the purpose of all of these thoughts?? There is no purpose because they just FLOW with no rhyme or reason. Only by being aware of these thoughts can we make them useful and start making changes in our lives. 

Most of our thoughts are just repeats of thoughts that we have had THOUSANDS of times before. We have these neural pathways in our brain that cause us to have the same thoughts AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN. 

We also think destructive, harmful thoughts. We focus on things that are bothering us and don't let go. There is so much right yet our thoughts and feelings are with what is wrong. Who offended us. What is wrong with our spouse. How so and so was so thoughtless and insensitive. How our boss drives us crazy. How we have bills, debts etc. etc.   


In addition, we dwell on past events which are LOOOOONG over and place ourselves in the no longer existent past. Or we think-worry-ruminate about the unknown future. How often are we HERE AND NOW?? 

Almost never. 

Think about it.