Tuesday, June 27, 2017

People Aren't Equal

Continuing the thought that I started here.

Korach complained about lack of equality. כל העדה כולם קדושים - "We are ALL holy [so why the nepotism]" he roared. Moshe answered as follows [as explained here]: If you REALLY believe in equality then how come it doesn't bother you that as Levi you have special privileges??!! You only cry foul when you feel slighted but not when you have the upper hand. It must be that you aren't sincere. 

All of these militant, outspoken feminists [who thanks to social media have vast avenues to voice their dissatisfaction] never complain about the Kesubah - which seems VERY one sided. It says that when a man marries a woman he must support her, take care of her, fulfill her needs, honor her etc. etc. until his dying day and beyond. 

What does she have to do in return??


Really nothing. 

Just accept a nice piece of jewellery. 

Why is that fair??? 

And if it's not, then how come they don't try to make the Kesubah an equal contract: The woman obligates herself to pay 50 percent of the bills. She will never criticize her husband [!!!]. She will honor him. She will have relations whenever he feels like it and how he likes it etc. etc. 

THAT would be fair.

But no. Nothing. The man signs his life away to take care of this woman and she doesn't obligate herself to do anything in return. 

This is not the only area where the man is "discriminated" against [or so it seems] but a major one. 

What is the explanation? The answer is THAT MAN AND WOMAN WERE NOT CREATED EQUAL OR THE SAME. So we have different obligations and different rights. We let Hashem and the Chachomim decide but it is not our job [based on our post-modern mindset that changes every 3 years or less] to decide who gets what. This is NOT a power struggle. 

Like Moshe said to Korach - בוקר - In the morning we will find out who is right. Rashi says 

אמר לו משה, גבולות חלק הקב"ה בעולמו יכולים אתם להפוך בוקר לערב , כך תוכלו לבטל את זו.

You can't turn morning into night and you can't turn a Levi into a Kohen or a woman into a man. We are different and have different tasks.  

So is life. For one's mental health it is best to accept reality and not fight it.