Wednesday, June 21, 2017

No Short-Cuts - Find The Good

People look for sheimus in this world. Says Rav Yaakov Moshe ztz"l that this was the argument of the primordial snake: Eat from the tree and you will be knowledgable like G-D!! - והייתם כאל-הים יודעי טוב ורע. How do think G-d became so smart? He ate from the tree. If you follow suit then you can be like Him. 

The mistake was that NOTHING in this world will satisfy the thirst of the soul.We need to connect to what is beyond this world. 

And of course Hashem didn't become so smart because He ate from a tree. People want the easy road to G-dliness. Eat a fruit and you are there.  Swallow a pill and you are happy. Not so easy. 

Also, being able to differentiate between good and evil doesn't make you like G-d. You want to be closer to G-d? Look deep into all of the evil and extract the good. Don't DISCARD the evil but squeeze out the positive. EVERYTHING has something positive. Every person, ideal, philosophy, situation etc. etc.