Friday, June 30, 2017

Please Daven

His name was changed from Yechezkel Simcha ben Rochel to RAFAEL SIMCHA BEN ROCHEL

Please forward immediately this email and the whatsapp link to as many doveners as you know.

Our 20 year old son, Simcha, came back to Pittsburgh on Thurs June 15, fell asleep Fri at 5 pm until Sunday 9 am when we called the Ambulance. Tues He started seizures and then constant jaw and full body tremors. UPMC Pgh has done everything medically possible so far. He is in ICU for 10 days and in induced coma since Shabbas. 

They think it is a rare autoimmune encephalitis, where his own immune system is attacking his brain. It is pikuach nefesh and timely, we believe. They may have to put him into a full body coma for 24 hours, shutting off every organ except for his heart, if this med they are trying does not stop the seizures and tremors. Usually, it reboots the bodies immune system anew...assuming the person wakes up from this "atom bomb" induced coma/sedation.

May Hashem bring bracha, nechama, yeshua, refuah to gants klal yisrael and may Mashiach come today. Hazak V'ametz. Hakol biday Shomayim. Haba l'taher m'sayin oso.