Monday, June 19, 2017

Heavy Drugs

From the Jewish Week from an "Open Orthodox" dude.

"While the Reform movement has the most welcoming posture towards families with non-Jewish partners, the Conservative and Modern Orthodox worlds would be well served if they adopted a similar approach. If our traditional communities do not learn how to adapt to modernity and cater religiously to different people’s needs, Judaism risks nearing its extinction date.

(I)t’s time we revisit our tribalistic approach toward intermarriage and our highly divisive conversion practices. Instead, welcome “the other” into the Jewish family."

In other words, the way to preserve Judaism is to allow intermarriage. Otherwise - we risk extinction. 

I will not argue with him on religious grounds. He clearly doesn't care what the Torah says. But I will ask him what mind altering drugs he has been taking and make sure that no matter what, I never take them [not that I am a drug user to start with but if I ever change my mind I will make sure that the drugs he takes are not on my list]. 

And if he is worried about the extinction of the Jewish people then I suggest he spend a day in Lakewood. We are doing OK. At least people who marry Jewish.

And why does the Jewish Week print such trash? I guess that there are no salacious scandals to write about so they have to sell papers somehow. 

Ahhhh- the media......  

I once heard Bernie Sanders talking passionately about how his family left Poland before Hitler killed them. Bernie - when you married a Roman Catholic you were helping Hitler with his demonic plan to destroy the Jewish people. 

It should bother us TERRIBLY that 70 percent of American Jews marry out. 

What are we doing about it??