Sunday, June 25, 2017

Celebrating Conflict

לזכות ר' דרור דוד בן שרה וכל משפחתו לברכה והצלחה בכל מעשי ידיהם

We might very well assume that it would be better if there was no conflict in Klal Yisrael. Why can't we just agree on everything??!!!

But read this:

So we see that conflict is a boon to creativity. Therefore, we CELEBRATE conflict!!! 

Sounds so pluralistic!! Well, we are talking about those views that are within the spectrum of what is permitted and not heretical, non-traditional views. But once we are talking about valid Torah-based opinions then conflict is great!!

That would explain why we pasken like the Bavli over the Yerushalmi. In the Bavli there is a lot more conflict and give and take. The Yerushalmi is clear, concise and to the point. We prefer the arguers!! [See Maharal Nesiv Hatorah 13 who makes this point]. 

This would also be a lesson for marriage. We don't aim for marriages that are free of conflict. Such marriages don't exist [unless one or both of the spouses are brain dead]. We embrace differences of opinion. The question though is HOW one argues. Are the arguments acerbic, abrasive and caustic [to use 3 words whose meanings I don't know] in order to get your way or show that you are right? Or is the goal to get to the truth and to fulfill the ratzon Hashem?

The litmus test is whether the outcome is אוהבים זה את זה or not.

ויש להאריך!