Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Jews Defaming Judaism

Ahhhhhhh - feminist rhetoric!!:-)

Since we live in the Internet age, everyone with a computer can say whatever they want and quite often, get a big audience as well. True or false? Ahhhh - don't let the facts influence your opinions. 

It has often been said that the WORST enemy of the Jewish people are the Jewish people. We cause ourselves a large percentage of our problems. I often see Anti-Semitic things being written but since the writer is Jewish, people don't view it that way. But no - Jews can also hate Jews. Jews can also degrade and defame Judaism, Torah and tradition.

Here is an example from a review of the movie Wonder Woman that was read by thousands and maybe tens of thousands:

In this blurring of where God ends and man begins, I see a parallel in Orthodoxy. Often, where God is flexible, men are not. A person who knows Jewish law will tell you that most of things women are told they cannot do are in fact not forbidden by that law. Yet, women are still told we cannot do them. Where God steps back, men step in and create an even harsher reality.

But alas, Miss Writer neglected to give ONE SINGLE example. Just the blanket accusation that Jewish men look for ways to make difficult the lives of Jewish women. That is mean, unfair and untrue. I know Jewish law and can't think of anything.  

G-d forbade many things [such as watching Wonder Woman - source ולא תתורו אחרי לבבכם ואחרי עיניכם - see Sefer Hachinuch 387 and MANY MANY other sources] and empowered the Chachomim to forbid what they see fit. But when do we tell women not to do things that are permitted [unless it will lead to sin]?? [There are certain communities that have certain very strict guidelines but that is not the mainstream and if a person is not satisfied in one community then they can move to another. Free country].  

Here is another doozer from the same "Rebbetzin":

How moving, how norm-shattering to see women make their own choices, fight their own battles, on their own terms, no permission needed, no dress code required, and no one telling them just how far they could go.

"NO DRESS CODE REQUIRED". HOW HOLY!!!:-):-) Wear or don't wear whatever you want! No rules. Every person decides for themselves what they want. Is this how the author raises her children? She doesn't tell them what to do? She lets them decide to do whatever they feel like?? I am sure she doesn't. Adults need rules too. The Torah is a book FILLED with rules. EVERY SOCIETY HAS RULES. 

"Fight their own battles". For the militant feminist movement - life is a battle. [In her words: "We fight. But we fight as women. Just as tough but with soul and depth].  NEWS FLASH: NOBODY WANTS TO BATTLE YOU. THE JEWISH PEOPLE ARE ON THE WHOLE VERY KIND PEOPLE. GO TO ANY HOSPITAL AND SEE HOW MUCH KINDNESS THERE IS. SEE HOW MUCH TZEDAKA PEOPLE GIVE. NOBODY WANTS TO BATTLE YOU. 

So to all the ladies out their with a chip on their shoulder. Let it go. Hashem loves you. The Jewish people love you. Heck, you ARE the Jewish people. Without you there would be no Jews. This is not a battle. 

Incidentally - this is REALLY BAD for Shalom Bayis. It must be hard to live with a woman who thinks that she must fight to get her rights. [I have observed the dynamics of marriages where men are married to angry feminists and it doesn't seem pleasant for them]. 

And as for your leisure activities - there are really more productive and holier things to do with ones time than immerse oneself in modern pop culture that pollutes both mind and soul.